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Equipment Guide: Accessories

The most frequently asked questions during my Beginner Photography Workshops and received in my email inbox are related to Photography Equipment.

I have put together this series of posts as an Equipment buying advice for Beginners.

Please note that some of the links on these pages are affiliate links, at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I may earn a very small commission if you make a purchase.


Here are some very useful accessories to think about buying…


The one accessory that will massively improve your photography, helping to keep the camera perfectly still at the point of exposure.

Tripods are always a balance between portability and weight – be careful of cheap lightweight tripods!

Manfrotto Element Traveller Tripod

A fantastic compact travel tripod from Manfrotto. The Manfrotto Element Carbon Fibre Big Traveller has a maximum height of 164cm yet folds down to just 41cm and weighs in at just 1.4kg, so it won’t break your baggage allowance! Really easy to set-up and very stable – perfect for those long exposures on your travels…

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Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

A great accessory to keep in the camera bag! A mini tripod which will hold a small entry-level DSLR or CSC Mirrorless camera. Comes with a Smartphone holder – perfect for holding the phone steady when using Zoom / Skype

Buy at WEX Photo Video | Buy on Amazon

SD Cards

SanDisk memory cards are an extremely fast and very reliable card for photographers.

Buy at WEX Photo Video | Buy on Amazon

Cleaning Kits

Buy on Amazon

I see lots of dirty lenses at my Photography workshops! It is very important to keep your lenses sparkling clean. This handy kit contains everything you need.

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Home  |    |  Equipment Guide: Accessories
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Posted by: Paul Crawford