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Updated 9th January 2020

Happy Birthday iPhone

Pretty much everyone has a smartphone today! They act as our web browsers, email, alarm clock, still & video cameras and many other things… and they even let you make telephone calls!

On this day, 9th January 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone at the Macworld Convention in San Francisco. It was a revolutionary design and was packed with new and exciting features. The thing that really shocks me is that this was ONLY 13 years ago – iPhone feels like it has been around forever but it really is only a baby in terms of tech.

I remember seeing the iPhone for the first time – it was whilst lying in a hospital bed with a fractured arm in November 2007, shortly after they were first available in the UK. A young junior Doctor was showing it off to the nurses. It looked so cool – I wanted one!

And “cool” seems to be missing from the latest Apple product launches of late. They really do miss Steve Jobs. Here is the full keynote presentation by Jobs – it is funny to hear the audience get so excited about features we really do take for granted now.

It is also a reminder of how brilliant a public speaker Steve Jobs was…

iPhone Keynote Presentation – Youtube

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Home  |    |  Happy Birthday iPhone
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Posted by: Paul Crawford