Online Photography Course for Beginners

Get More from Your Camera - with Paul Crawford

Beginners Photography Course Online

Do you want to create fantastic pictures of your family, children and friends?

Do you want to take better photographs when visiting new places?

Are you frustrated with the quality of the photographs you take with your fancy new camera?

Confused by all the buttons, dials and options?

Are you Stuck on Auto?

Do you end up just using the camera on your smartphone because its easier?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is the perfect online photography course for you!

This Course can help you...

Better Photos of your kids

take better photos of your kids

Learn to take natural, candid pictures of your kids without distracting backgrounds

take better photos of landmarks

Improve the photographs you take to remember family days out at landmarks, either locally or when on holiday


take better photos at family events

Get better photographs at special family occasions. We will show you how to take natural, candid pictures of your family and friends at weddings, parties, christenings etc.

take better action photos

Learn to freeze the action and keep moving subjects in focus - no more blurry pictures!


take better close-ups

Explore the world up close! We will show you tips and techniques for Macro Photography

take better landscape photos

Learn how to improve your landscape photographs - impress your friends with stunning images


What you will learn

  • Setting up your camera
  • The different modes and when to use them
  • All the Camera Icons explained
  • Exposure metering
  • Using Exposure Compensation to brighten or darken your pictures
  • The different White Balance settings and when to use them
  • Avoiding camera shake
  • Getting sharp photographs, even if your subject is moving
  • Explore the relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Understanding the effect of different lenses
  • Improving your compositions
  • How to capture flattering portraits of family & friends
  • Get your Landscape pictures in focus from back to front

Your Instructor - Paul Crawford

My name is Paul Crawford and I have been a full-time professional photographer & tutor for over 30 years. For the past 8 years, I have been presenting my most popular group course "Get more from Your Camera". This online course is born from that, taking everything I have learnt from teaching this material and presenting it in the most comprehensive format yet. I will explain the various modes and functions available on your camera with simple and easy to understand terms, help you gain confidence using your camera and improve the overall quality of your photographs.

Paul Crawford

Bite-sized lessons

The course is broken down into 37 separate bite-sized lessons

On Demand

Access the lessons at your own pace and review when you need

Jargon Free

Photography explained using simple easy to understand terms - guaranteed jargon-free!

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Get More from Your Camera


Get More from your Camera

37 bite-sized lessons split into 10 sections


Worksheets to download & print

Course Forum to get help with any questions

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Get More from Your Camera

37 bite-sized lessons split into 10 sections


Worksheets to download & print

Course Forum to get help with any questions

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