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These webinars are FREE to attend! Your host, Paul Crawford, will explain the topic in easy to understand terms and help you take better photographs!

The webinar is a mix of LIVE and pre-recorded material to help explain the topic AND answer any questions you might have.

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The next FREE Weekly Webinar...

Back to Basics {Week 1} – 8th October at 7pm

Free online Photography Course

Back to Basics – Let’s get OFF Auto!

Week 1: Introduction & How your camera works

Thursday 8th October 2020 at 7pm (uk)

In this 10-week series of FREE Photography Webinars, we will go Back to Basics and step by step look at the important features of your camera to help you “Get Off Auto“, take control of the settings and get more predictable results from your fancy camera!

In this the first of this series of webinars, we will look at how your camera works and look at the basic functions of your camera and the features you need to check before you start shooting!

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Course content:

  • Week 1: Introduction & How your camera works (8th October 2020)
  • Week 2: Understanding Exposure & How your Camera measures light (15th October 2020)
  • Week 3: The Mode Dial Explained (22nd October 2020)
  • Week 4: Aperture & Depth of Field (29th October 2020)
  • Week 5: Shutter Speed & Movement (5th November 2020)
  • Week 6: ISO, Digital noise & using Auto ISO (12th November 2020)
  • Week 7: Getting things in Focus (19th November 2020)
  • Week 8: Preventing Camera shake (26th November 2020)
  • Week 9: Better Compositions (3rd December 2020)
  • Week 10: Basic Photo Editing (10th December 2020)


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After each webinar, we will send the replay to everyone who registers, so even if you can’t make it to the live events, register above to receive the replays.

Each replay will be available for FREE for 72 hours after the broadcast and then only available to 247 Members!